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Final Salute

Stories by Jim Sheeler, photos by Todd Heisler

The Rocky Mountain News, Thursday, November 11, 2005

Complete Story online (includes audio, video, slideshows & more)

Download complete PDF of the article

Winners Gallery: Pictures of the Year International

Newspaper Photographer of the Year: 2nd Place in Pictures of the Year International

Singles                             Camp Udairi-Spc                     Fighting the Invisible Man

The Messengers                 Jim Comes Home

The article "Final Salute" is simply the best I have ever read online and one of the best I have read in years. The pictures have been circulating for some time now, but I never knew the story behind them until the story came out. It is a long article, but if you have the time (20 minutes) it is definitely worth it.

The slideshows are all military related and Jim Comes Home, The Messengers, and Singles are all related to the article in The Rocky Mountain News.  The eight shots on this page are all from the article Jim Comes Home and the 1st & 2nd place photography awards are both from this same slideshow.

Top notch job, guys. I'm honored to have something like this on my webspace.