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Lukewarm Dictionary: Rayhornisms & Other New Words

If you have a new word and are interested in making a contribution to the Lukewarm Dictionary, please contact me and I'll put it up here. 




Rayhornism #1

A 'complex contraction' used to describe something that is both fantastic and fabulous.  This term is often used when trying to avoid saying more words than necessary.

It has been a long day and your boss has just instructed everyone that they can leave early in order to properly celebrate the anniversary of the first recorded bungee jump east of the Rockies.  You say "Fantabulous!" and quickly sign out before he realizes what he has done and changes his mind.




Rayhornism #3

The term applied to those changes made by the project owner reflecting a blatant & total disregard for all other parties concerned (i.e., architects, engineers, contractors).  These often grand changes are usually made on a whim at the last possible moment and are usually the direct result of he/she/them having more money than they know what to do with. 

Note:  Even though the owner(s) will usually have the required funds to cover these changes, they will often be budgeted out of the project (again at the last moment) leaving the design team with the project pretty much as it was before this whole debacle.  This process is then known as something that I will refrain from defining here (in an effort to maintain a G-Rating), but we can just call them "doubly ownerific."

<< in a sarcastic tone >> "Let me guess: those are some of the ownerrific changes that we just got from the architect, and everything is still due by Friday???  Why does the owner want an acoustic ceramic tile drop ceiling?  Make sure you save off the project as-is so that we can change it back as soon as they get the pricing information."




Rayhornism #4

A 'complex contraction' used to describe something that is both splendid and terrific.  This word is primarily used by preppy teenage girls, often when trying to avoid saying more words than necessary and still sound cool.  The sounding cool part is usually not successful. 

Note: I have never used this word, therefore I cannot correctly use it in a sentence.




Rayhornism #2

A precognitive sense (or "gut intuition") that something is not quite right: a suspicious feeling.  When you "know" that something is different or will change, but cannot yet substantiate your claim, you have a suspeeling.

"Because of that meeting last week, I have a suspeeling that the city is going to come back and want us to change this project at the last possible moment."




















Computer Science (not a Rayhornism)

A reference (link) from some point in one hypertext document to (some point in) another document or another place in the same document.  A browser usually displays a hyperlink in some distinguishing way, e.g. in a different color, font or style.  When the user activates the link (e.g. by clicking on it with the mouse) the browser will display the target of the link.

Please tell me that you already knew what a hyperlink was, but you had to click the thing anyway.  Probably just because it was there, right?  I understand.  Been there, done that.

OK - I've had my fun and the joke is over.  Please feel free to click here to browse through the Rayhornisms in the Lukewarm Dictionary, or you can click here to return to the Projects Page.