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Web Design

A little sideline of mine.  I've done the design for a few organizations.  Not only the site design & graphics, but that also includes the domain setup, email configuration, and ongoing maintenance.

I have included thumbnails & full-size screenshots for the Inactive Websites below.  Unfortunately, there is no easy way to actively browse those sites any longer since they are offline.

Feel free to browse the sites that I currently handle in the Active Websites section below.

I hope you like what you see here.  If you are interested in retaining my services for your site, please contact me so that we can discuss the possibilities.


Active Websites

Broken Barrier Entertainment

Broken Barrier Entertainment is a recording studio, management company and record label that specializes in "positive & meaningful music."  They have also worked with underprivileged youth in the South Hampton Roads, Virginia area to promote activities that give direction and purpose to teenagers (mostly) who might otherwise be just hanging out in the neighborhood.  It is a great bunch over there and they are doing great things.


Women's Choral Ensemble

Bellissima! (Italian for "most beautiful") is the only musical chorale of its kind in the South Hampton Roads, Virginia region: an auditioned ensemble performing a wide array of music created for women's voices.  They are a non-profit ensemble that is truly a treat for your senses.  Check out the website to listen for yourself and check the latest concert schedule for dates & times in your area. 


Of course, there is the LukewarmCoffee website, but you already know about that one.


Inactive Websites

Broken Barrier Entertainment

This was the first iteration of their website before the redesign into the present site design (above). 








Shorehaven Productions

Shorehaven Productions was the original brainchild of Jeff Rimmer that eventually morphed into what is now the present day Broken Barrier Entertainment (above).  In the words of its founder, "Shorehaven was designed to teach the fundamentals of music creation using teamwork, self-expression and creative channeling." 
We would all benefit from more people doing things like this.  One of the problems is that there aren't enough.


LukewarmCoffee #2

Design #2 of my website.









LukewarmCoffee #1

Design #1 of my website.