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Revit (Structure)

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In production!!  That's right: Sinclair Pratt Cameron, P.C. is permanently moving to BIM by adding Revit Structure to our repertoire.  This will be the biggest challenge ever for us (and for me personally), but there are a number of wonderful resources out there to help out.  And I will make sure that it does happen.

This page is for all of those pioneering people who are trying to get more out of their design and the process as a whole by moving to the BIM leading (and bleeding) edge.  Hopefully, I can include myself in that category.  There will be a number of tutorials, videos, how-to manuals, links to webcasts, etc., here for you to download & share with the Revit World at large.  They are very helpful, but piecemeal odds-and-ends are definitely not a replacement for structured & well thought out training.  Don't just stick your toes in the water - you have to jump in and hope that you can swim.


Revit Structure 2012 Beta Tester

Along with being one of only 15 Revit Structure 2009Autodesk Gold Beta Test Sites in the world for AutoCAD 2009, I have been a beta tester for Revit Structure every year since 2008. 


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Revit Downloads

* NEW * RST Revit Structure and BIM

* NEW * RST Coordination Between Revit Structure & Revit Architecture

* NEW * RST Interoperability Between Revit Structure & AutoCAD Architecture

* NEW * RST Revit Structure Success Story: Ericksen Roed and Associates

* NEW * RST Explore the Possibilities with Revit Structure Extensions

* NEW * RST Maximizing Interoperability with Analytical Programs and Revit Structure

* NEW * RST Dive Deep into Revit Structure Analytical Tools

* NEW * RST Nuts and Bolts of the Revit Structure / Robot Millennium Integration

* NEW * RST Revit Structure: Linking to Third-Party Structural Analysis Programs (I & II)

* NEW * Working with Clients and Consultants Who Don't Use the Revit Platform

* UPDATED * RST Advanced Revit Families for Structural Engineering & Design (PDF & Slides)

RST The Consulting Engineer’s Guide to Implementing Revit Structure

RST Using Revit Structure to Document the Structural Model

RST Using the Coordination Monitoring Feature in Revit Structure

RST Revit Structure Worksets 101

RST Revit Structure Worksets 101 - Worksharing Monitor

RST Modeling a Wood Structure Using Revit Structure

RST Coordinating and Sharing Information with Revit Architecture and Revit Structure

You can't do that with Revit!

Building Stronger Families

In Union There Is Strength - AutoCAD and Revit In Concert

Work smarter, not harder with Revit Design Options

Tips and Tricks for Revit

Schedule Anything with Revit

From Napkin to BIM - Preliminary Design in Revit

Successful Revit Implementation


Check back often to see when new items are posted! 

Send me more helpful articles so I can include them here for everyone!

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